4th Quarter 2017 Introduction

The end of another year approaches and, for some, the dreaded “busy season.” How has 2017 been for your career? What are you going to do to make 2018 better? The Your BV Career Newsletter is the touchstone to help you focus on your career amid the day-to-day.

You probably know that rising to the top in any practice means honing your business development skills. If you can answer three questions, you’re on the way to doing that. While you’re at it, you should stop those unproductive networking tactics. Sarah LaFon explains more.  If you’re contemplating a job change, you likely have a target salary number in mind. Read about why it may not be as reliable as you think, and what you can do about it. Finally, a job change may not be the answer to your frustration. Maybe you need to ride the pony you’re on.

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John Borrowman

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