2nd Quarter 2017 Introduction

Summer means performance reviews and pay increases (please, please let it be a big one!) for many BV and Lit Support professionals. Whether you’re in that category or not, you can’t afford to let your career slide. That’s why this newsletter comes to your Inbox.

If you’re contemplating a new position, you may be asking what that employer wants someone to do. Read our article about why that’s the wrong question. Sarah LaFon explains why you need more than just a good academic pedigree to succeed in the world of BV and Lit Support. The usual reaction when things aren’t going well is to think about leaving for a better job. But, has it every occurred to you that you could get a better job and stay? Finally, we offer a new and unique approach to answering the question of whether you’re paid fairly as a BV/Lit Support professional.

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John Borrowman

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