1st Quarter 2018 Introduction

The new year is underway and some of you are rushing headlong into “busy season.” Others not so much, maybe. But, everyone we talk to is putting in their share of hours. How will you manage your career in the middle of all this? That’s why we publish the Your BV Career newsletter. It should be your go-to source for career perspective.

You have a job offer. Can you negotiate it? Read why our answer is a definite maybe. One of the keys to a good interview is asking the right question at the right time. Check out our advice on how to do that. No one likes to be disagreeable. Sarah LaFon lays out the counterintuitive argument that there’s a time and a place for everything, though. Lastly, read why a job change may or may not be a smart move for you.

We talk to BV professionals all over the country. Why aren’t we talking to you? Call or email us, in confidence.

Are there other topics you’d like to see covered? Would you like to contribute? Please let us know any time.

John Borrowman

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