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The best BV and Lit Support career opportunities usually arrive unannounced. A knee-jerk response like “I’m not interested” could cost you that rare close encounter. If you don’t see something here that looks like your next move, contact us to talk about the move you’d like to make.

Borrowman Baker actively recruits only when retained.
That means these employers are committed to hiring the best talent from across the country.

In Little Rock

Step in as the ‘heir apparent’ to an expert witness practice generating $600K annually from an unparalleled network of referral sources.

Assume overall strategic leadership of a BV/LS practice with aggregate historical revenue of $1.2M, including commercial damages and estate & gift work. Leverage offices in the East, Central and West. Firm-wide support for continued growth and expansion of the practice.

In Boston

Step out of the boss’s shadow and onto an attorney’s speed-dial. Claim your potential as a first-chair expert in marital and commercial damages litigation.

Leverage networks and sales support from nationally known professionals in close-by markets who are eager for your success. Build a practice with the brand-name platform of a 150-professional firm.

In Los Angeles

Run a team handling large, complex, one-of-a-kind financial consulting projects triggered by disputes in the U.S. and around the world.

Dedicated full-time staff. No burdensome admin requirements. Conflicts are practically non-existent. Trade ideas with top thinkers in the profession.

In Atlanta

Carve your own career path in a BV practice inside a CPA firm that walks the walk when it comes to work/life integration.

Professional development, including credential-driven training, is actively supported. Because family is a core value, your commitment to loved ones is honored. BV practice revenue set to double in next two to three years, producing career opportunities for all.

In Florida

Join the analyst team for one of the country’s top expert witness pros.

Touch all aspects of valuation and economic damages analyses for complex commercial litigation projects. Operate with a degree of thoroughness that will make you one of the best, in turn. Handle communications with attorneys and their staff. Advance your personal standing as a BV professional.

These clients are eager to make a competitive offer to the right person.

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