Helpful Resume Hints

Preparing a resume which shines the brightest possible light on your skills and experience requires the application of judgement based on your own personal circumstances. Below are four areas of uncertainty common to resume-writers.

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“Can’t I just use my CV?”

It sure would make life easier, we know. However, a potential employer has questions about when you graduated from college. Who you worked for. When you started and when you left to take your next position. Your CV, on the other hand, is designed to answer questions from attorneys, judges and potential clients about why you should be hired for a particular engagement, or why your testimony is reliable. Different questioners with different questions require a different approach. A resume really is best.

Myth of the One-Page Resume

You’ve probably read or heard that you should keep your resume to a single page. This advice is appropriate when your resume must help you get past a “gatekeeper” whose time is limited. When you work with Borrowman Baker, however, your resume is being reviewed directly by decision-makers. What is more important, then, is to showcase the full range of your experience. If that takes more than a page, so be it.

Paragraphs v. Bullet Points

Should you use paragraphs or bullet points to describe your experience? There’s no right answer. Paragraphs – even if not in complete sentences – have an even flow and are generally what the eye is accustomed to reading. Bullet points add punch and can be especially hard-hitting in communicating successes or accomplishments. You might try both ways to see what ‘feels’ better for you.

Locating Education

On this particular model, Jim has placed the Education section after Experience. However, this may or may not be appropriate for you. Depending on how long ago you completed your education (a good rule of thumb is 2-3 years), it may carry as much weight with a potential employer as the experience you have accumulated since. If so, you may want to position that section ahead of Experience.

Paragraph Resume Example

Bullet Point Resume Example