From watching and talking with employers across the country, we’ve compiled this page of information to help you through the hiring process. The articles below offer additional perspective to help make the hiring process flow more smoothly.

Candidates Think the Way You Hire Is the Way You Manage

Good candidates come from practices that are as busy as we are. Shouldn’t they understand when the hiring process doesn’t always happen in the timeframe we said it would?

Think of it this way: How do you like the look of that hole in your foot?

We all generalize. It’s part of how we get along in life. The actual wreck may be a couple miles on down the highway. But, when the traffic starts moving over a lane or two, you begin to get the idea that something’s going on.

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Fighting the Counter-Offer Battle

Losing a top-shelf candidate to a counter-offer has to be one of the most frustrating parts of the hiring process.

You can win this battle. But, you have to be prepared to play hardball!

Once they have an offer, candidates open the door to a counter-offer for all sorts of reasons. Some do it innocuously enough – believing that loyalty compels them to at least listen to what their employer has to say. Others underestimate the response that a resignation will generate. Still others may actually think, “Why shouldn’t I see how much they’ll offer me to stay?”

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Onboarding: Your Key to New Employee Retention

Thank goodness that’s over! You’ve sweated your way through finding the right employee and getting the starting salary negotiated. Now you can turn your full attention back to those other items on your “to-do” list.

Not if you want to risk the loss of all you’ve invested so far.

Put yourself in the shoes of your new-hire, just getting started at your practice. You’re most likely taking an entirely different route to work and most certainly arriving at an entirely different office. (Multiply this impact exponentially if the new-hire has relocated to a new city.) You’re adjusting to new faces, new procedures, new everything. Tiny glitches can seem like big problems, and the pull of the familiar can engender “buyer’s remorse”.

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Employers Are From Venus

During the interview process, you’re doing everything you can do determine whether Candidate A is the right match for your practice. Candidate A is doing the same from his side. And yet, one of the most common pitfalls has to do with mismatched expectations for that critical first three to six months on the job. The basic problem: Employers are from Venus, Candidates are from Mars.

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