2nd Quarter 2019 Introduction

Hi. Thanks for checking in. Maybe you are a long-time reader. Maybe this is your first issue. Either way, glad to have you aboard.

Being part of a good team is key to job satisfaction. But gossip eats away at the glue that makes teamwork possible. If you have that problem at your practice, read our advice on handling it.  Making smarter job change decisions means asking smarter job interview questions. We have suggestions for you. Wouldn’t it be assuring to know that you really are in the right place, career-wise? We can help you find out. And believe it or not, your career has a NPV. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

We talk to BV professionals all over the country. Why aren’t we talking to you? Call or email us, in confidence.

Are there other topics you’d like to see covered? Would you like to contribute? Please let us know any time.

John Borrowman

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