BV/LS Practice Leaders come to us for perspective no one else can offer. There isn’t a staffing issue we haven’t seen or can’t help you understand. Talk to us first. Our feedback can keep you from wasting time. Every truly good opportunity has a great story. We can help you tell yours. BV/LS practices across the country engage us to deal with situations like those below. Why don’t you?

Getting The Best – At The Best Price

Too many customers. That’s the problem we’d all love to have. Maybe it’s a reality and it has you wondering whether you can stretch your practice any thinner. Could it be time to add some capacity?

Balancing Your Practice

No one likes to lose a valuable employee; a top contributor. It can happen, even in the best practices. In the meantime, you have product to deliver. You need to keep the customer satisfied. You need to keep the work flowing. You need to manage your own pipeline of work.

Getting Full Value From Your Practice

You may have started your career in a bigger company but sooner or later opened your own practice, or maybe allied with like-minded practitioners who share your entrepreneurial ways. You’re enjoying your success and looking forward to more. There will come a time, though, when you’ll want to stop.


We have been at the heart of the hiring process with employers across the country for many years, and now we’re here to share what we know. To do that, we’ve created an extensive library of resources to help prepare you for the job hunt, and you can start reading them right now!

What are the odds of finding the candidate

I need to hire?